Think of Further Ways

CGP Europe can organize lobbying activities, either at the European Union level or otherwise. We can put together a lobbying strategy for recognition of your Mission Statement at the highest level of relevant institutions/companies and EU entities.

  • Deep analysis of your Mission Statement and the ways to achieve your goals;
  • Monitoring of the EU legislation in your field;
  • Creating/Drafting of any kind of material (Leaflet, Booklet, Brochure);
  • Organizing meetings with Members of the European Parliament, EU Civil Servants as well as any other EU Key Decision makers;
  • Raising the awareness of the Decision makers, the Media as well as the public opinion by organizing Workshops, Seminars, Hearings, Conferences within the EU village, including the European Parliament;
  • Organizing and ensuring effective Press Coverage for the different types of events;
  • Lobbying campaign through the legal tools/means of the EU : Open letter, Written Declaration; Reports; Oral or Written questions to the Commission;
  • Follow-up of the Political Action implemented, analysis of the impact.